PACE is a specialized management software created by Document Service Bureau owners.


Know Your Pace

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PACE: Performance. Accuracy. Commitment. Engagement.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to do great work that they can enjoy.  That's achieved by creating objective measures of accountability, organizational transparency, operator autonomy, automated process workflow and training in a gamified interface.



The biggest differences we noticed  after using PACE are the ease in which it allows us to manage staff without having to look over one's shoulder,

the collection of metrics to improve efficiencies within production and

the platform it provides for both production and management to communicate with each other in order to meet a common goal.

Yes, we would recommend PACE to another service bureau.

Alan Bugayong - Operations Manager


In February of 2019 Recordsforce had 20% more revenue than the previous year while also decreasing labor by 20%. I attribute that to the visibility that PACE provides and the ability to quickly monitor the changes we've made from a production standpoint.

Katja Becker - CFO


I would absolutely recommend PACE to another service bureau! The live snapshot into business profitability has been great not only for me from an operational perspective but also to our Sales staff to bid on jobs using the knowledge we have from our metrics. Within the first year, we captured an additional $3500.00 from one customer alone!  I am able to make sure my staff are working efficiently and cut down on idle time.

Amy Krieger - Operations Manager

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