In House Operations

Are you running a shared service center or large document processing operation at a big company?  Are you finding the tools available to manage your staff is simply inadequate? Sure, you can scan documents and perform data capture, but do you know what everyone in your department is working on in real-time? Can you see whether the staff is slowing down on days when there is less work? 


For-profit service bureaus, like Recordsforce, the makers of PACE, are constantly measuring their employee performance because their profitability counts on it. Your operation can be just as efficient as the outsourced guys, but you need the tools that allow you to measure employee performance to do it.


Also, your in-house operation can experience turnover of employees unexpectedly. PACE will help you comply with training requirements and make you look great during audits with its automated training and SOP approval system. Everyone in your department will know exactly how to do their job and you don’t have to lift a finger!

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