Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Capture and Classification

Classifying documents and extracting data has never been this fast, easy or fun! PACE A.I. Data Capture squeezes every ounce of performance out of your operation to get results that will make the most profit conscious manager smile.

Configurable tasks:

  • ePrep

  • A.I based auto-classification

  • Intelligent and Manual data extraction

  • Advanced Quality Control with variable QC based on operator accuracy

  • Fully automated Imports and Exports with monitoring for health


Operators can see their performance in our gamified production system. With accuracy and real-time performance dials, employees can compete to see who is fastest in each task. With the exception queue in the customer portal, your customers can participate in solving issues, as well as see their documents move through your operation in real-time with the live Job Tracker.

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