Amy Krieger- Scanning Operations Manager

ARMS is a Wisconsin based document scanning service bureau and one of the first users of the PACE software. They are currently going through acquisition but still use our management services. Amy has been our point of contact through our partnership and participated in a brief interview.

-What is the biggest improvement that you've noticed after implementing the PACE software?

 "The biggest improvement has been our overall project organization and revenue gain.  At any moment in time, I am able to see what projects are in what steps, what needs to be completed, due dates, etc.  I can tell if we are going to be profitable on a project much quicker than before. We have also captured so much lost revenue.  There were many tasks that my employees were handling before that I assumed were being billed for, but they weren’t. Within the first year, we captured an additional $3500.00 from one customer alone!  I am able to make sure my staff are working efficiently and cut down on idle time." - Amy

-Would you recommend PACE to another service bureau?

"I would absolutely recommend you to another service bureau!  Our bureau was doing everything manually before PACE. I was looking for a way to automate what we were tracking manually and PACE did that for us.  The live snapshot into business profitability has been great not only for me from an operational perspective but also to our Sales staff to bid on jobs using the knowledge we have from our metrics." - Amy

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