Task Management

Know at which point every job is in your operation at all times, from any device. See which tasks are due next at a glance. Get everyone on the same page with the unique “daily expectations” report. Run your operation without feeling like a traffic cop just directing people all day.


Employee Dashboard

Employees can easily see which tasks are available for them to work, sorted by the due date. They can see how many hours they’ve worked, available break time, the most recent tasks they’ve performed and review work instructions for those tasks, all from PACE.


PACE gives Operations Managers instant feedback on job profitability and employee performance from the first hour of work to the last batch of the month. You’ll know how you are doing versus your profitability goals, revenue per employee and overall revenue goals. By having profitability reports accessible with a few clicks, you can understand how the changes you are making are affecting performance, which can be measured more frequently and with greater accuracy.

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