"We created PACE after searching for years for a software product that could accurately measure all aspects of our business.  We tried several and they always came up short, requiring extra manual entries either in production, finance or administration.  All of the key data for tracing the financial health of our business was scattered in databases, spreadsheets, timecards, and binders.  PACE has simplified my world completely. I can create an invoice, check on job profitability, track employee production speeds, confirm employee training and run payroll reports all in the same place.  We use this data to make strategic business decisions regarding pricing models, employee pay and promotions and most importantly, profit for future growth."

         -Katja Becker: CFO

Recordsforce invented PACE as an industry specialized management software that can handle increasing workflow while improving efficiency and job profitability.  In 2019, Recordsforce recorded the most profitable month in company history. They had 20% more revenue than the same month in 2018 while decreasing the total payroll cost by 20% but still keeping wages the same. The company credited this to technological and operational improvements that stemmed from the PACE software.

(Red line is cost and Green is Income)

Bill Becker, the CEO of Recordsforce tells us that PACE provides peace of mind because of daily profitability reports. Not only can you more accurately estimate how expensive or how long a job will take but you can monitor your work in real-time from anywhere. Your customers also get a live view of the progression of their project and if they need to make a change, PACE creates a platform where the customer, management and the staff can communicate effectively and instructional training is sent out to the production team digitally. This eliminates the risk of handing over a final product only to find out that it's missing a key element. Also, operations managers no longer need to meet with everyone in the production team to explain a new process and as an owner, you can be almost certain that you'll meet your customers' expectations.

PACE allows you to keep your commitments internally as well as externally. With the speed and accuracy reports, Recordsforce measures the performance of each team member and sets monthly goals on production with incentives for top performers. Not only does this create a more exciting work environment but it allows management to see who is pulling their weight and who isn't. You get the control of looking over everyone's shoulder while creating a sense of autonomy. PACE has helped Recordsforce save a lot of money on payroll because they can anticipate workloads and then delegate the exact amount of people it will take to complete that day's work. This has helped them cut down on idle time and increase marginal income. It also has created a team of only the most skilled employees.

PACE and Recordsforce are a great example of how software can make a company more profitable, more controlled and at the same time, a more relaxing place to work. In a company poll, Recordsforce employees have never been so satisfied with their jobs and as a management software team that's the best news you can get. Our customers are happier to come to work while using our software than they were prior to its implementation.

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